King of Pain Series

The King is Dead, Long Live the King

The King of Pain Series is being shelved for 2014, and is being replaced with the new Trois Roubaix Race Series, consisting of Tom Dula’s Revenge March 8, Blue Mountain Revival Productions’ Love Valley Roubaix race on March 23, and wrapping up at Boone-Roubaix on March 30. For details, check out Trois Roubaix on Facebook.

We are also working on a new Hill Climb series for The Ascent, and Three Peaks USA remains part of the American UltraCross Championship Series.

The 2013 Kings and Queen of Pain will still receive free entries to all of the former KoP events (Tom Dula’s Revenge, Boone-Roubaix, The Ascent, and Three Peaks),  and if you wear your jersey, you will be given the starting position of honor at those events.


King of Pain Leaders Jersey 2013


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